(Hataenagoyaka Gastroenterology)

Internal medicine, and Psychiatry

Now, we are accepting medical examinations for psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine in English.

We can accept native English speakers.

We can treat you by CBT in English, now.

Our clinic can accept patients from foreign countries
I can speak English not perfect, but also good.
We welcome foreign people.
We are looking forward to see not only Japanese people, but also foreign people.
I have ever treated foreigners from the U.S.A. and Republic of China, Kenya, Vietnam, and so on.
I graduated from the national Kumamoto University, and I am a home doctor in Japan.
Our clinic can follow your disease in the area of Internal medicine, and Psychiatry.
We can follow your sickness, and common disease too.
You only have to come to our clinic and tell how you are feeling now.
May be, your disorder will  go away, or will be better and it is only our hopeness.


(Hataenagoyaka Gastroenterology)

*Internal medicine, and Psychiatry

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e-mail & callings


Japan's country number is +81.

English available:

For Japanese: 


*If you want to call to us, you can click above numbers.


HataeNagoyakaNaikaClinic (
Hataenagoyaka Gastroenterology
), at ground level in the blue building, 1-14, 4-chome, HataeEkiKita, Itoshima-City, Fukuoka-Prefecture, Zip code 819-1107, Japan.

Consultation hours

 9:00〜12:00 & 14:00〜 17:00

9:00〜12:00 & 14:00〜19:00


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